45/2021/1: Yes, please.

There’s something beautifully simple about these two words: Yes, please.
Heartwarming almost. Especially if it’s unexpected. Do we use them enough though? Why was I surprised? I have a friend who sometimes give me orders and I reply: ‘Please?’, then the please will come. Intriguing I find it … it would be nice if those orders become requests with a please at the end. The nature of the beast … change it, do better.

The phrase also reminded me of how many things I’ve said no to before that I will say Yes, please to now. Life. So many changes as I get older.

The original ‘Yes, Please’ has not manifested and now feels like avoidance. The orders (above) always come to pass. Interesting, right? The way my brain is wired with expectation when certain words are heard / read / received.

I haven’t written in a while. My brain is saying ‘yes, please’ to the question if I should be writing / want to write. The question ‘ what about?’ pops up, because too may things. Interesting.

This week has been filled with manifestations of things I said ‘Yes, please’ to before. A mini break. Work. Catch ups with good people. Beach walks. Deep breaths. Good coffee. Good wine.

Today is wobbly. Why? Hormones. A reminder that I am who I am and I was made this way. No complaints. Smiles. Enjoyment. Somehow also a ‘Yes, please’ moment. And a Thank You.

The countdown has begun again. Another year. Lockdown still around. Pandemic still causing havoc. Health to be grateful for. Opportunity to be grateful for. Heart people to be grateful for.

There are many more things that I am saying Yes, Please too. Most of them just on the inside. The journey is beautiful.

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