45/2021/35: A good day

Today is Youth Day in South Africa and in Africa International Day of the African Child. I did not spend much time thinking about 16 June 1976. I spent time with the children in our family. Three, to be specific. 4, 6 and 8 years old. What a day. It was a busy day. I … Continue reading 45/2021/35: A good day

45/2021/34: Put it back

ToolsImage by MarjanNo from Pixabay So ... I like it when things are in its place. Why? Coz I'm lazy. I don't want to look for stuff. I don't want to fall over stuff. I don't want to rearrange my life around things I cannot find. I want it to be where it should be … Continue reading 45/2021/34: Put it back

45/2021/27: I don’t want to fight

I really don't want to ... And with fighting I mean unnecessary fighting in the form of verbal altercations or arguments and such. Being overly sensitive and / or easily offended by something trivial. I'd rather just have a conversation. An honest one. A hard one. Heart words. Yes, it will probably hurt some feelings … Continue reading 45/2021/27: I don’t want to fight