45/2021/44: Paper jets and fire

Fire wood
Image by Paul Brennan from Pixabay

Today the sky was grey. Rain was heard and felt and seen most of the day. I loved it. Winter baby things. I’ve always loved the sound of rain on the roof, on plants, amongst trees … and the smell thereafter is one of my favourites. Lovely. Breathe. Look up. Look out. Feel it.

Paper plane
Image by purwaka seta from Pixabay 

The bulk of my day consisted of keeping the fire in the fire place alive and burning and folding paper jets for my nephew and evaluating paper jets and their performance.

I must say … I love his fascination with the paper planes. After all our tries and watching videos on YouTube about making paper jets, he has decided that he will be designing his own and modifying it as he goes depending on performance. His focus and intention and absorption is fascinating. He knows little about aerodynamics; he’s 6 going on 60 and he gets frustrated when it doesn’t work but he modifies it and flies it again … throws hard, throws soft, throws straight, throws curvy. All decided and intended. I really enjoy building and folding and testing with him. Of course its always a competition (for him) and he loves it! He doesn’t like ‘losing’, however he has learnt to go with it … therefore … modify and fly again OR fold another one that he knows will work for sure and flies again. I think he has made more than a hundred paper planes in various colours, forms, sizes and types over the past 4 weeks. Every single one of them has some modification on the previous one. Then there’s the ones he sees me folding and his Dad and the ones he checks out on YouTube … continuously feeding into what he believes will fly. I LOVE his curiosity and determination. He doesn’t want any of us to see the test flight … just in case. I sneak a peek.

Not tonight’s fire, but a fire in our fire place … last week.

The fire I started coz it was cold today. And wet. Winter. No soup. Just fire. Fish and chips and spinach (don’t ask). Also, my Mom asked. Fire was burning heartily by 2pm. My Mom came to sit at the fire at 8:30pm. Because Turkish Telenova is a things in our house … eh. Another fascinating thing in our household that came with lockdown. Turkish Telenova. Dapper. Bittersoet. Deur Duk en Dun. Elif. As die skoen jou pas. Begeertes. Doodsondes. My Mom and Dad watches most of them. I’m fascinated. Neither of them were ever television people when they were working. Now, of all the things they can watch … I love how they are enjoying it! I’m sure the voice overs in Afrikaans contributes to this.

Anyway … I was the keeper of the fire today. I love watching fire grow and develop and eat the would … glowing embers in the fire place … more would … fire … logs burning … embers … the process. Even chopping the wood … therapeutic. I enjoyed it. But I was also restless today. I don’t know why. Maybe because I wasn’t reading the book I wanted to read and I wasn’t knitting as I planned. Checked one thing on my checklist … No wait … 2 things. Ordered birthday flowers and got some information on my Day 1. Not too bad.

Some of the paper jets landed in the fire. They didn’t perform as planned or they got damaged in the process. The fire continued to eat everything that was given to it. Ashes.

It feels like the day is hanging … like it’s not done … like something was supposed to happen but it didn’t. Weirdest feeling … well, it has to hang then … it’s sleep time!

Life is beautiful.

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