2020: 93

And just like that September 2020 is over. South Africa is still in lockdown. The pandemic is not over and it won't be for a while. How have we acclimatised? This is now part of life. I won't say the new normal, coz what is normal really? Normal differs for everybody. Doesn't it? Today was … Continue reading 2020: 93

4:44 VM: Werkloosheid

Nee, dit het niks met die Covid 19 pandemie te doen nie. Eerder met my mentaliteit. Toe ek in 2015 wegloop van 'n werk wat my baie slaap laat verloor het, geweldige stres laat beleef het en my karakter bevraagteken het, was ek verlig. Vrede het oor my gespoel soos kabbelende, spelerige brandertjies van 'n … Continue reading 4:44 VM: Werkloosheid

2020: 98

She’s leaving. They’re leaving. All the preparations for this moment. Nerves and excitement. Sadness. Gladness. A new chapter. Reunited. Family together. So much to look forward too. We stay behind. Family. Friends. Happy for them. Joyful. Hidden sadness. First leg in South Africa. And then away ... destination will be reached on Monday. The conversations … Continue reading 2020: 98