Ons is aan die einde van die derde maand van 2021. Sjoe. Die tyd vlieg. Dit voel asof ek nog niks gedoen het hierdie jaar nie. Dit voel ek het meer in 2020 gedoen as tot op hede in 2021. Dis interessant. Ek het 'n idee hoekom. Wat het gedoen het was intern. Binnegoeters. Die … Continue reading Intimidasie.

This one is about you … maybe.

What was your expectation when I told you I love you? You said you love me too, but ... not the same and there's someone else you chose. My life had to go on. My life has to go on. Was I supposed to wait for it to change? What was I supposed to hope … Continue reading This one is about you … maybe.

February 2021: Lessons

Rest ... after all the January drama lessons blessings. A little trip. A breath. A deep one. Conversations. Many of them. Confessions. Many. A child. Children. Blessings. Wonder. Decisions. Rest. Needed. Taken. Awakenings. Realisations. Lies. Honesty. I needed to think. We're doing Rising Strong by Brené Brown at our book club. The conversations and realisations … Continue reading February 2021: Lessons

January 2021 … Probation

I took a little writing sabbatical, 2 months short.Life took a wild, interesting, challenging turn.I decided that January 2021 is either the last month of 2020 or the probation month for 2021. January started out in quarantine. Covid 19 exposure. An uncle in hospital. An uncle discharged. Looking for carers. Cleaning house. Health. Health. Health. … Continue reading January 2021 … Probation