45/2021/15: Processing

Today was a processing kinda day. I don’t even know how to explain it. I don’t know what I have done but my head has made decisions on a few things in the process without me intentionally thinking about it. I’ve probably overthought it. And then left it. And then … VOILA! Decision made.

I’m fascinated by my brain and how it makes decisions. Knowing that many things influence my decision-making capabilities and why I make the decisions I do even after thinking about it for a long time (brain algorithms) … there are patterns in my life and personality and … well, yeah. I know nothing about this except that it makes sense because of what was and is fed to me and also what I decide to allow.

However, at some point in time if I’m not happy with the results I can work on changing things to make the process better, more fluid, easier, more methodical, … depends, right?

My day still feels like I did nothing, but in my head I accomplished a lot!

It’s quite a peaceful feeling …

It doesn’t mean all decisions have been made, it just means that some has been finalized. Now for the implementation. The practicalities. Level 2. The hard part is over though. Acceptance.

I must say that this also happened because I spent some time with two of my closest peeps. Friends where I can speak my truth. Friends who tell me like it is. Friends who question me when they disagree or just give their opinion when it doesn’t sit well with them. A space where I feel safe and I can talk. It helps. A lot. These sessions are beautiful. I appreciate them. Every time. Always/ Whether we agree or disagree or agree to disagree.

Part of the process and the processing.

Such spaces are imperative in my life. I don’t have many of them. They keep me on a level where I want to be. A lovely feeling when a gathering is done. A reminder that friendship is an integral part of my being.


Life with friends is blessed. Life is beautiful. Life is here to live!

gears and clock
Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

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